We’re all got lively opinions about Kevin Smith these days, particularly over the last year between his anti-Southwest Airlines rant, his decision to go more or less anti-press in the wake of Cop Out, and last month’s Red State auction-that-wasn’t-an-auction at Sundance.

Smith really hasn’t subjected himself to a longish on-camera interview in quite some time, and that, I’m told, is what Horowitz will be doing with him tomorrow. We’re talking about an hour-long streaming interview on MTV.com from 3 to 4 pm. Horowitz is asking for questions to be tweeted to him with the hashtag #askkevin. (Meaning that anyone who wants to ask a question should tweet it with “#askkevin” in the message. That allows MTV staffers to find it more readily. Questions can be tweeted anytime — now, during the show, whenever.)