I would have been off that bridge faster than any four-legged animal. Okay, if there had been preparation and rehearsal I might have helped to throw the bed over the side, but quickly. It would have been clearly understood that if and when a train comes along and there’s any question about personal safety, the bed is toast. Incidentally: It was needlessly exploitive and hurtful of The Hollywood Reporter to have published autopsy results of what happened to poor Sarah Jones when she was hit by the death train, and now they’ve deleted the grisly portion of the story.

Last skeletal remnants of “Benedict mansion” in Marfa, Texas. Set was built in 1955 for filming of George Stevens’ Giant.

Amy Schumer is saying “I’m a party girl, maybe a drunk…don’t stop me now, I have another gulp or two to get down!” and Bill Hader is saying…what exactly? “Oh…Amy’s a reckless bundle of alcoholic fuckall energy and here I am popping my eyes and going ‘oh!'”