Somebody needs to boil the spin snow out of the SnagFilms-purchase-of- IndieWIRE story and, you know, put out a statement that doesn’t include any tap-dancing or cheerleading. I’ve read the press release and stories about the press release three or four times and I still don’t understand what’s actually going to happen At least, not according to my own no-b.s., hamburger-eating, cut-to-the-chase standards.

Talk to me like a drunk leaning against a car in a 7-11 parking lot…okay? Is Indiewire as we’ve known it still going to cover the indie waterfront on a comprehensive basis during and between film festivals, or is it henceforth going to be some kind of half-Indiewire, half-SnagFilm hybrid that will somehow lessen or compromise the Indiewire brand? Sounds like the latter, but I’m not sure I get the whole picture regardless. I don’t care very much about or identify hugely with SnagFilms, but I do like Indiewire a great deal. When somebody out there figures it all out and musters the courage to just say it (whatever “it” is), I’d like be included on the e-mail list.