The Thursday night 10 pm showing of Snakes on a Plane is going to be one of the coolest events in the ticket-buying L.A. moviegoer realm in a long while. Every critic in town, I imagine, will be at one of the theatres where it’s playing, and will thereafter run straight home (or back to the office) to write the review at 12:30 am. I’m assuming that the Arclight will be Ground Zero that night. I want to be among a crowd of loud talk-backers, booers, cheerers, Samuel L. Jackson fans and hipper-than-thou’s who were into Snakes in March-April but have since gotten off the boat, etc. Hollywood Elsewhere is planning on being there barring some catclysmic event. I asked a New Line rep if they’re going to have a 10 pm freebie screening for critics, and I was told no. Watch them do this anyway and invite their friendlies.