I was reading Alex Ben Block’s short Los Angeles hit piece on Netflix and Lisa Taback. As soon as I finished I flashed on a chat I had last night with a knowledgable hotshot — a guy who knows everyone and everything:

HE: “And I really think Rami Malek is going to win Best Actor. Don’t you? I really believe that’s locked at this stage.”
Hotshot: “He’s got it, yes. Ditto Glenn Close.”
HE: “Agreed. And Alfonso [Cuaron], for sure, is winning Best Director.”
Hotshot: “Yep.”
HE: “But I’m not entirely sure Roma will win the Best Picture Oscar. It might win, but I don’t know.”
Hotshot: “It’ll be Roma or Green Book.”
HE: “I suspect voters will probably feel better about themselves the morning after, and certainly six months or a year after, if they give it to Roma. People love Green Book‘s feel-good vibes — I felt them last September in Toronto — but Roma is a higher arthouse achievement, and more of a ‘2018 film’ than Green Book. They both address Trump’s racial ugliness, but Roma addresses the wall thing besides.”