11 years ago Steven Spielberg took part in a promotional taping for Cowboys & Aliens, which he exec produced. Sitting with director Jon Favreau and producers Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, Spielberg recalled his 1965 meeting with legendary director John Ford, when Spielberg was only 18 years old.

It’s a great little story, and the dialogue sounds so much like cranky, crotchety Ford of legend…the ornery cuss with a cigar and a black eyepatch.

The Ford meeting is reenacted near the end of Spielberg’s The Fabelmans, which will have its big premiere at the Toronto Film Festival. A person who caught last night’s research screening of The Fabelmans says it’s a great scene, and that it leads to a great ending (which I won’t divulge). David Lynch plays Ford, and Gabriel LaBelle plays young Spielberg, called “Sammy Fabelman” in the film.

A brief post from World of Reel‘s Jordan Ruimy: