The drive to Syracuse was abandoned 10 miles out of Boston on the Mass Pike. Total blizzard conditions, only the vaguest visibility beyond 200 yards, tens of trillions of snowflakes dropping each and every second, traffic moving 5 to 10 mph, some cars fishtailing and spinning out. Big snowstorms means big spectacle and everything stops or slows to a crawl — all systems are suddenly on hold and everyone’s on a kind of vacation. It took me almost two hours to make it back to Brookline…a great adventure!

Somewhere in Brookline — Thursday, 12.13.07, 2:15 pm

Here’s a 51-second video taken on the way back to town on the Mass Pike, and here’s a 35-second video taken on Aspinwall Street in Brookline. It’s a shame that my Canon A540 isn’t good enough to capture the snowflakes. They’re the whole show. Without them snaps are just a gray haze and the old snow-blanket effect.

Beacon Street, west of Harvard Ave. — Thursday, 12.13.07, 2:35 pm