…or will we wait a little bit?

I’m done with my condemnations of Leos Carax‘s Annette (Amazon, 8.6 limited). But I’m wondering if anyone caught it in a theatre last weekend, and what the reactions might have been. I recognize that most will probably wait for the 8.20 streaming date (i.e., a week from this coming Friday).

HE commenter Kristi Coulter (2 days ago): “Did I like it? I don’t know that it’s a like/dislike kind of movie. I’m not at all sorry I saw it; I’ll probably watch it again at some point. But I felt very emotionally distanced from it, and it’s at least twenty minutes too long.

“The NYT review describes Driver’s character as a man who can’t quite see other people as real, not even his own wife and child, but I’m not sure Carax sees her as real, either. She’s basically there to represent an idea of feminine goodness and warmth and there’s only so much Cotillard can do with that. And is it asking for too much realism to wish the movie had convinced me these two characters would ever have a first date, let alone get married?

“As for the ‘morally repellent’ question: well, Driver’s character certainly is morally repellent — and highly unpleasant to watch, too –but I didn’t find the movie itself morally repellent. Honestly, I think it would have to be more committed to a set of values beyond its own style for me to get worked up one way or the other over questions of morality.”