I’m not saying that Telluride ’13 is going to be as monsoony as Cannes was three and a half months ago, but a thunderstorm is coming down now and the Friday-to-Sunday forecast is for scattered showers. I’m just sitting here by an open window inside my cramped unit at the Mountainside Inn, digging the rain and watching Rachel Maddow and…whatever, thinking about taking a walk and maybe getting some dinner. No pressure. Where will tomorrow morning’s elite outdoor brunch happen if the rain continues?

“You know it’s a very sacred thing, the nest egg, and if you had understood the Nest Egg Principle, as we will now call it in the first of many lectures that you will get, because if we are ever to acquire another nest egg, we both have to understand what it means. The nest egg is a protector, like a god, and we sit under the nest egg and we are protected by it. Without it, no protection. Want me to go on? It pours rain. Hey! The rain hits the egg and pours off the side. Without the egg? Wet. It’s over. But you didn’t understand it and that’s why we’re where we are.”