“At some point you will say to yourself or someone THIS LOOKS AMAZING IN BLACK AND WHITE,” writes Steven Soderbergh. “And it’s because [of] Douglas Slocombe (The Lavender Hill Mob, The Servant) whose stark, high-contrast lighting style was eye-popping regardless of medium.” I’ve only just begun watching it, but any and all Soderbergh fiddle-faddles have my attention from the get-go. I can say for certain that getting rid of John Williams‘ whorey score helps a great deal. Okay, not whorey but rote, defaulty — Williams has been writing the same kind of music for Spielberg for over 35 years — he’s an organ grinder. Here’s an appreciation of the Soderbergh version from Grantland‘s Bryan Curtis. Update: The Vimeo coding won’t allow the film to be viewed here so watch it on Sodey’s site.