On 4.29.22 or two and two-thirds months ago, I posted a theory about Greta Gerwig‘s Barbie: “As far as I can determine there’s only one way for Gerwig to go story-wise, and that’s to make a Barbie variation of The Truman Show” — a film about whether it’s better to live a life of plastic, isolated perfection or one that grapples with the unruly ups and downs of the real world.

Four weeks and one day later or on 5.27, World of Reel‘s Jordan Ruimy posted the following description: ‘The film is set in Barbieland, a beautiful, colorful society with Kens and Barbies. Ryan Gosling‘s Ken, said to be a ‘complete doofus’, is obsessed with Margot Robbie‘s Barbie, but loves the real world for all the reasons Barbie hates it (beauty standards, sexism, etc).

“Gerwig’s film eventually becomes a ‘fish out of water comedy’ as Ken and Barbie leave Barbieland for the real world. This motivates the Mattel CEO (Will FerrellJason on Twitter: “Sounds like the meta aspects of Gerwig’s Little Women mixed with Splash and Truman Show [with] Jacques Demy musical influences.”