Someone who’d be great hosting the Oscars? Seriously great? In all serious-ity? Look to The Aristocrats. Or rather, look to the Zeus of The Aristocrats…the Big Man…the 4’11” Killer in the Baby-Blue Tuxedo…the potty-mouthed tornado…The Man They Could Not Hang…look to none other than the great Gilbert Gottfried. That would be such an insane choice…the world would be totally on its ass over the Oscars hiring a truly criminal mind…totally side- ways….or, as a fallback, book three Aristocrats as a triple-threat tag team — Gottfried, Sarah Silverman and George Carlin. Or how about a George-and-Gracie thing…a smart-funny man and a smart-funny woman who go out together in real life and would draw the same under-30s Chris Rock did. And I mean, of course, Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman.