Every now and then a film with serious problems will get to me, and I’ll come out going “wow!” And then a week or two later I’ll go, “Wait…what was I thinking?” But it’s too late — I’ve already written “wow!” in the column.

All I can say is that sometimes an aspect of a film can seep in and capture you on a deep-down level, and you’ll be so taken by that one thing that you’ll wave away the other issues. I don’t know what else to say except that every so often views and impressions are stupidly ejaculatory or otherwise malleable, and you just have to live and learn and move on.

In other words, I’ve written reviews that I don’t feel all that good about, and as persuasive as these and other rationalizations may sound, I’ll always wonder why I didn’t think things through a bit more before hitting “save.” Short list: Ed Zwick‘s Love and Other Drugs, Tim Burton‘s Planet of the Apes, Peter Jackson‘s King Kong.