I landed in Savannah yesterday around 4 pm, give or take. Hello again, 19th Century romance and genteel hospitality and the feeling of being surrounded by history and ghosts. Warmth, ancient trees, flatness, fragrances, serenity. And great food. It’s been lightly raining here but the clouds will begin to push on today, or so I’m told.

By 7 pm I was watching Tom McCarthy‘s Spotlight — yes, again — at the SCAD Trustees theatre on Broughton Street. I sat next to Hollywood Reporter award-season analyst Scott Feinberg, who had just moderated a panel on documentary filmmakers and also interviewed Tab Hunter re Tab Hunter Confidential. We all went to the after-party at Savannah’s Brice Hotel, which happens to be where I’m staying.

Incidentally: I don’t want to start my coverage of the 2015 Savannah Film Festival with anything distasteful, but this morning I was Dan Aykroyd‘ed by a guy in his 50s. I’m sorry but that’s the most roundabout way I can put it. Not cool. It happened in Pacci, the elegant restaurant on the Brice Hotel’s main floor.