The most significant Sonoma Film Festival event last night (or so it seemed to me) was a Netflix-sponsored dinner, held under a large hospitality tent in the town square. The guests of honor were The Iceman costar Ray Liotta and director-cowriter Ariel Vromen. SIFF Exec Director and consummate host Kevin McNeely offered a hearty welcome. Thanks to SIFF p.r. rep Carol Marshall for inviting me up and seeing to the usual comforts.

Sonoma Film Festival exec director Kevin McNeely, The Iceman costar Ray Liotta during last night’s Netflix dinner.

McNeely, The Iceman director-writer Ariel Vromen.

SIFF programmer Steve Shor suggested the following films during my three-day stay here: Blackbird, You Will Be My Son, Monkey On My Shoulder, Terms and Conditions May Apply, The Deep, Souffle Chocolat, Lo Zucco: The Wine of the Son of the King of the French, Cover Story, The Teacher, Fierce Green Fire, Rebels With A Cause.

Mary Louise Parker and special HE friend Demian Bichir are also attending this weekend.

Netflix is now offering an ultra high-def service that’s as good if not slightly better than Bluray, a Netflix exec told me last night. The only problem is that Time Warner, my West Hollywood cable-internet provider, is one of the two companies who aren’t on board with this service. Netflix employs roughly 600 at its Los Gatos headquarters; the Beverly Hills office has about 100 staffers.

Sonoma’s flat typography is obviously bicycle-friendly. Temperatures in the 70s and low 80s, but the air cools down a bit in the evening.