Sony Pictures Entertainment and Eon Productions will officially announce that Dan…sorry, will announce the name of whomever’s been chosen to play James Bond in Martin Campbell’s Casino Royale at a London press conference tomorrow (Friday, 10.14). If only Wilson and Broccoli had gone with Quentin Tarantino’s idea for Casino Royale…”let me do it my way, I won’t screw up your franchise,” etc…but they’re going with Campbell and Crash screenwriter Paul Haggis, who’s said to be interested in remaking the Bond series the way Chris Nolan revitalized Batman and Bruce Wayne. This can’t really happen, of course, with producers Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli running the show, so forget it. Daniel Craig, whom the Daily Mail identified earlier this week as the new 007, has real machismo and an icy killer quality in his cold gray eyes, but I wonder how the mainstream popcorn crowd (i.e., those who’ve never seen him in Layer Cake or anything else) will respond.