Aida Turturro (i.e., “Janice” on The Sopranos) briefly mentioned the possibility of a Sopranos feature on Jimmy Kimmel last night with a certain hyper-bunny tone of hope and/or expectation. But whatever chances there may be of Turturro or James Gandolfini or any of the present-day cast members being in a feature version was recently thrown into question by Sopranos producer-writer David Chase.
An report quoted Chase as saying that an idea for a Godfather, Part II-like feature — “a story about the Sopranos√ɬ¢√¢‚Äö¬¨√¢‚Äû¬¢ grandparents first coming to this country” — is “interesting to me.” Naaah, forget it. The idea is way too Coppola and will feel like a retread. I have a brilliant idea, however. How about a Sopranos feature that is actually plot-driven in the William Shakespeare/John O’Hara sense of the term (i.e., a movie in which big things happen and characters face consequences), as opposed to the HBO series which is all about mood, metaphor, minutiae and morose Garden State atmosphere?