A rousing one-two-three awaits — Long Shot tonight (finally!), Avengers Endgame tomorrow afternoon on the Disney lot (maybe not so rousing), and then Booksmart on Wednesday evening.

My attention is divided right now between tapping out stories and trying to figure out which HDMI cables belong in which receptacles, and what the hell seems to be wrong with my big, fat Marantz AVR — by far the heaviest, biggest component. The audio-visual sources are (a) a 4K Roku player, (b) a 4K Apple TV, (c) a 4K Samsung Bluray player, (4) a pipsqueak Sony 4K Bluray player and (5) the cable TV hook-up. The problem is that there are only four (4) HDMI receptacles on the TV. (Maybe if I ditch the Roku player and just use the Apple TV?) I figured this out before — I don’t know what my problem is this time. Half of me hates struggling with this stuff; the other half derives profound satisfaction from getting it right.