I’d like to add 50% agreement to a recent AOL Moviefone poll verdict, which is that Megan Fox was the worst and the sexiest actress of 2009. I concur with the “worst” part because no other actor in an ’09 film seemed quite as falsely mannered to me — as devoid of anything recognizably human. There’s nothing behind her eyes. She really does seem to exude the personality, attitude and talent level of a porn star.

I’m talking mainly about her acting in Jennifer’s Body, of course. You can’t judge anyone by their performance in either of the Transformers films.

The dead-eye factor is also why I don’t find Fox sexy. So many under-25 guys fail to realize that looks are only a third of the package. (And less when you’re talking about Fox’s porn-star package.) No woman can be called genuinely sexy unless they have a quality about them that suggests (a) they’re emotionally approachable and (b) they’d be breathtaking in bed if and when you scored. Fox doesn’t seem approachable to anyone except for guys offering this or that material or portfolio enhancement, and you can’t believe porn stars during sex — it’s all terrible “acting.”

I guy I knew in college said something really eloquent once about a girl he’d recently met: “The sex was so good, I cried.” That would never occur if you happened to get lucky with Megan Fox.