A non-industry movie fan named Michael something-or-other (one of his portrait photos is identified as “miraulam”) who works as a florist but also attended Comic-Con ’07 has either created or posted on his “Various and Sundry” blog one of the most sexy and transfixing CG montage pieces of famous Hollywood actresses I’ve ever seen.
Spanning 80 years of big-star faces, the piece is unfortunately called “Women in Film” …but we can get past that. What’s awesome is not just a melt-morph from one face to another — an easily achievable effect — but the creator having chosen the right similar-looking faces and then tilting their heads and blending their expressions in just the right way so there seems to be some kind of genetic connection between them.
After a while it starts to seem as if the souls of all these actresses are blending into each other, and thereby making them (in a sense) into one and the same lady — born and created and refined by the same celestial force…all with a separate but at the same time identical something-or-other. Trippy stuff for a Saturday morning. For a while there I felt a little memory-lane mescaline thing.