Over the weekend HE’s Moises Chiullan saw Steven Soderbergh‘s Spalding Gray doc And Everything is Going Fine (which had its debut at Slamdance two months ago) at a South by Southwest screening. I’m not sure which day it showed (I’m in a hurry and the SXSW search engine blows) but Moises liked it, etc.

He mentions that during the q & a, one of the producers (Joshua Blum or Amy Hobby) answered a question about plans to release Gray’s performance films on DVD by saying, “We hope to see a box set come out through the Criterion Collection in 2011, but the deal’s not done yet.”

The set would presumably include Swimming to Cambodia, Monster in a Box, Gray’s Anatomy and the Soderbergh pic. Producer Kathie Russo (i.e., Gray’s widow) added “it’s a real shame that not even Swimming to Cambodia is out on DVD, so this is a great opportunity to finally get this stuff out there.”