I’m being told that $120 million is a conservative figure regarding Spider-Man 3‘s projected weekend earnings. I’m now hearing $125 to $130 million. I tried buying an IMAX ticket at Leow’s Lincoln Plaza this weekend…forget it, every seat sold. It’s already rockin’ the sock in Europe and Asia, as this Nikki Finke column reports.

Excuse me for not popping open the bubbly and doing cartwheels on Melrose. This is going to sound like Charlton Heston lecturing the sinful Hebrews in The Ten Commandments, but the more money Spider-Man 3 makes this weekend, the darker the implications for the human condition and the spiritual realms of the American public. Make fun all you want, but it’s true.

I’ll be paying to see the damn thing this weekend so who am I to talk, but at least I’m going into it knowing I’m going to be surrendering to the corporate engulfment syndrome. All right, I’m looking forward to see it slightly…but only that.