A few weeks ago Deadline‘s Mike Fleming reported that “Steven Spielberg wants Chris Pratt to anchor the rebirth of Indiana Jones that is being developed at Disney.” It’s very early in the process, he acknowledged, but “it makes a lot of sense [as] Pratt was Spielberg’s hand-picked choice to be the star of Jurassic World.”

Yesterday a knowledgable guy with good sources reminded or clarified that “there is no announced reboot of Indiana Jones with Spielberg and Pratt. I am 100% sure [of this] based on my own first-hand knowledge of what they’re actually doing with that franchise. There is no current Indy in development. At all. Until Spielberg and Harrison Ford both tell Disney/Lucasfilm that they are not interested in making another film, no decisions will be made, and no meetings will be set. With anyone. At all.”