I was in such an anxious, cranked-up state as I finished posting around 12:20 pm that I just grabbed my stuff and sped (i.e., speed-marched) over to the Palm for the 1 pm screening of Battle of the Sexes. What’s that? The 1 pm screening of Battle of the Sexes wasn’t at the Palm but the Galaxy, which is four blocks to the east? Yeah, I finally figured that out when Natalie Portman and two other guys took the stage just before the film began. “What does Portman have to do with Battle of the Sexes?” I was muttering to myself. I re-checked the program…fuck. I was at a 1:15 pm screening of Eating Animals. I leapt out of my seat and literally ran over to the Galaxy, but no dice. Battle of the Sexes had been playing for 20, 25 minutes, and every last seat was taken. Now I’ll have to catch it Sunday night.  I do stuff like this from time to time. I’m trying to be relaxed about this bonehead move, but it’s not working.