The 2012 Spirit Awards did the wrong thing today by giving four awards to the Big Oscar Inevitable known as The Artist — Best Feature, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Cinematography. The worst kowtow was giving Jean Dujardin its Best Actor prize instead of, say, A Better Life‘s Damien Bichir or Take Shelter‘s Michael Shannon. It wasn’t an indie thing to do — it was a “we want to be the Oscars too!” thing. Extremely bad form, dark day, etc.

Random Tweet #1: “Spirit Award for Best Actor goes to…Jean Dujardin? At the Spirits? People in the press tent going ‘eewww!” What a drag. Not Bichir?” Random Tweet #2: “Is it because I’m not drinking that the 2012 Spirit Awards are feeling so…I don’t know, rote and meh and under-energized & not-enoughy?” Random Tweet #3: “Not even light munchie food in Spirit Awards press cantina. No celery sticks, no carrots, no nothin’ — just empty, scarfed-up food boxes.” Random Tweet #4: “AT&T 3G is ridiculously slow in press tent. Too many people tweeting in too dense a space. No wifi for MacBook Pro and no celery sticks.”

Best Female Lead Spirit Award winner Michelle Williams — Saturday, 2.25, 2:55 pm.

Best First Screenplay Spirit Award winner Will Reiser — Saturday, 2.25, 2:05 pm.

(l. to r.) The Artist director-writer Michel Hazanavicius, costar Penelope Ann Miller, producer Thomas Langman during final press room q & a.

Artist publicists Peggy Siegal, Sarah Green, others.

Artist publicists Spirit Awards tent action.

(l. to r.) Margin Call director J.C. Chandor, colleagues during press-room q & a.

(l. to r.) Best Documentary Spirit Award winners Alex Kotlowitz, Steve James, answering questions about The Interrupters.