In 2016 the honest Hillary Clinton argument went something like “look, we get it, she’s Ma Clinton…not your favorite person…isn’t naturally charismatic and probably too flush, too aloof, too establishment, too mainstream…but she’s brilliant and well seasoned and will steer a steady course…I mean, you can’t be thinking of voting for that bully, that blowhard, that fact-averse sociopath…c’mon, there’s no choice here…Hillary may rub you the wrong way but you’ll be cutting off your nose to spite your face if you vote for Trump…please don’t do that.”

Hollywood Elsewhere voted for the only sane major-party candidate that year….there was no other choice.

2020 is a different deal. At the very least no one is saying “hold your nose and vote for Biden.” They’re saying “for God’s sake, get rid of that asshole by electing a better alternative…choose a decent man, please.”