A few hours ago on CBS This Morning, senior correspondent John Miller, a former Associate Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Analytic Transformation and Technology who once interviewed Osama Bin Laden, called Zero Dark Thirtyextraordinarily accurate in the way that movies are accurate.”

More: “All of that happened [and] one of the detainees who was…subject to waterboarding actually did give up the name of [Osama bin Laden’s] courier…the wrinkle is that he gave it up before the waterboarding…[but] I think what the film is trying to say is that overall this was a big part of the process of questioning people. Could they have obtained the same formation without the waterboarding? We’ll never know.”

And please, please listen to Miller explaining the content of an internal memorandum from Acting CIA Director Michael Morell (which was circulated a week before the press release that criticized ZD30], and particularly Miller’s summary of the final graph in that memorandum.