In my exhaustion last night I forgot to plug in the iPhone, and without the alarm I woke up late and missed my 8:45 am Porter Airlines flight to Toronto. On top of which I now have to pay Porter a penalty fee of $150 if I want to go standby for the next flight, which leaves at 10:10 am. 9:15 am update: Currently at Newark Airport and ticketed for the 10:10 am flight.

On top of which the guy sitting in front of me on the crowded Port Authority-to-Newark Airport bus has decided to lean his seat back and stretch out like Caligula watching ESPN in his living room. People who lean their seats back into another person’s 18 inches of private space are ungentlemanly and uncouth. An upbringing thing, alcoholic father, etc.

On top of which this Caligula guy was right in front of me in the security line, and when he took his shoes off — I swear I’m not making this up — he was wearing gold-toe socks.