My heart is down, his head is turnin’ ’round because Jon Ossoff didn’t make it. Yes, Georgia’s sixth district, an affluent, well-educated suburb of Atlanta, seemed like a prime arena for a liberal progressive to defeat a bland bullshit Republican like Karen Handel, but the sixth has been a safe Republican district since the dawn of the Reagan era. And as a N.Y. Times analysis piece noted, “it showed that Republicans skeptical of [President] Trump remained comfortable supporting more conventional candidates from their party.”

Times continued: “In the so-called jungle primary in Georgia — the initial special election on April 18 — Mr. Ossoff, one of 18 candidates on the ballot, captured just over 48 percent of the vote, an unusually strong showing for a Democrat but short of the 50 percent needed to avoid a runoff. Ms. Handel came in a distant second, with just under 20 percent, as Republicans divided their support among a number of credible conservative contenders.

“Questions also lingered about whether the grass-roots coalition backing Mr. Ossoff — fueled by highly motivated anti-Trump activists who were, in many cases, new to political activity and organizing — could improve on its April showing in a runoff held at the beginning of the summer vacation season, in a district where people have the means to escape to the beach.”