The House Next Door‘s Vadim Rizov has written that Werner Herzog, director in preparation of the new, certain-to-be-outrageous Bad Lieutenant as well as the current Encounters at the End of the World, “makes me happier than just about any working filmmaker, even when his movies are nearly indigestible.

“There’s something about his complete confidence in his own views that makes me wonder, at least for a blissful moment, what all the fuss about moral relativism is. Like Honore de Balzac or Lars von Trier, he’s the final authority on the world around him, even when it’s a self-created one.
Encounters At The End Of The World picks up where 2005’s The Wild Blue Yonder left off: under Arctic ice, cameras exploring the dirty Styrofoam-ish underside of the normally picture-pristine continent. The Wild Blue Yonder was essentially a garbled compilation doc, taking footage of Antarctica and outer space and imposing a half-assed sci-fi framework on them. Encounters begins with Herzog arriving on the continent to get his own damn footage.” And so on, etc. Entertainingly written.