“It seems like just yesterday when I was plagiarizing Michelle Obama‘s speech at our 2016 convention…”

I actually thought that Melania Trump‘s Cuban military get-up was half-decent. I sort of admired her determination to step outside the usual red and robin’s egg blue dresses that Republican women often wear, and embrace a kind of stylish guerilla outfit. Some said it reminded them of Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS, but Melania hasn’t the aggressive and conniving temperament to be a sadistic dominatrix. She’s not the only gold-digger, opportunist and fascist ornament out there — she just has a bigger pedestal.

Melania did seem vaguely terrified as she delivered her remarks (“…theese terrible pandemic in theese difficult times”), and God knows her eyes were glaring with some kind of extreme emotion. As Virginia Heffernan wrote in a 4.27.18 L.A. Times piece, “She appears desperate but never sheds a tear.”

But I have nothing but condemnation for her wanton destruction of Jackie Kennedy‘s Rose Garden, ripping out the crab apple trees and making it look like some kind of cemetery….good God.