Stephen Frears’ Mrs. Henderson Presents showed this morning at 9 a.m., and it’s obviously going to be huge with the over-30 crowd (an exhibitor suggested after the screening that it could make as much as $100 million) and without question provide Judy Dench with an Oscar nomination for Best Actress. It may even nudge itself into the Best Picture competish. “Inspired” by a true story, it’s a British period piece (late ’30s, Word War II) about a spirited and snobbish widow from the upper classes (Dench) who buys a debilitated London theatre, revovates it, and then hires a dignified old-school producer (Bob Hoskins) to put on vaudeveille shows. This works well enough at first until competition forces Dench and Hoskins to try something bawdy — i.e., adding naked women to the mix. Martin Sherman’s script is spirited, bouncy and appropriately rude…which is to say hilarious. Frears (High Fidelity, Dirty Pretty Things, The Hit) has hit one out of the park…again. And congrats to producers Harvey and Bob Weinstein. One thing I’m still not clear on — who exactly is going to be distributing their Weinstein Co. movies?