Steven Spielberg’s Munich (Universal, 12.23) will run about 2 hours and 40 minutes with credits, according to Universal and DreamWorks sources. (Terrence Malick’s The New World, which opens on 12.25, runs about the same.) Spielberg’s spokesperson says he’ll be vacationing starting around 12.20 or so and isn’t planning on doing any dog-and-pony-show appearances in Los Angeles to promote Munich, but the word for some time has been that “we’re letting the film speak for itself”). Spielberg does have a history, however, of enjoying Time or Newsweek cover stories to promote his important films (which he got from Time for Saving Private Ryan). The word is that one of these two rags (Time, most likely) will have a Munich cover on the stands next Monday…unless some big news event pushes it off.