“I knew where the American people were on health care….they wanted somebody to get up and fight for it…I don’t believe in bipartisanship….after the way they ran the country down for the last eight years, what the hell do you want me to work with them on? I told Gibbs he was full of shit..and he gave me the Senator Leahy f-bomb…[I said] do you understand that you’re losing your base?”

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz tells it very well. If only someone like him would stand tall and strong within the Obama inner circle. “It’s my mission to tell it like it is…I’m only trying tio do the movement a favor…It’s money, it’s dirty, it’s wrong…it’s not us, it’s not the American people,…mistakes are made, but tomorrow’s another day…if we don’t have a course correction, who else is going to do it?…We’re with you, but you’ve gotta be with us.”