“I’ve misheard song lyrics all my life, and over time those wrong lyrics have sunk into my system and become frozen in amber, and now I can’t hear the correct lyrics to save my life. Most of the mis-heard lyrics were absorbed when I was a kid or a teenager, for the most part. I know it sounds silly but these idiotic re-wordings have stayed in my head.” — from “Surreal Song Lyrics,” 8.14.11. Latest example: “Layla…got me on mah knees, Layla…billion dollar please, Layla.” Who would want a woman who won’t show love or trust or rock your plimsoul unless you offer her a billion dollars? I find this so offensive that I’ve substituted my own Layla line: “Information, please.” Nonsense, of course, but at least it’s better than handing a billion smackers to a gold-digger.