Why did N.Y. Times video critic Jim Hoberman review Criterion’s Big Chill Bluray on 9.26 when the Criterion website page says it came out almost two months earlier (i.e., 7.29)? More importantly, why after three decades is director-writer Lawrence Kasdan still declining to show what Hoberman calls “the revered flashback epilogue — cut during previews — that showed the Chillsters as the flower children they were in 1970, complete with a longhaired Kevin Costner as Alex.” I asked Kasdan about this in the mid ’90s; his response was that as the sequence didn’t work he would find it embarassing and/or deflating to show it and then hear everyone say “yup, you made the right call.” Who cares at this point? History demands a public viewing. I would buy the Chill Bluray just to see this sequence, but without it? Naaah.