Ben Stiller is here in Cannes to promote Madagascar 3, but I’ve read that he’s also lending his name and presence to tonight’s Haiti Cannes fundraiser. I wrote him a half-hour ago asking what his involvement is, and he responded as follows:

Sean Penn and Paul Haggis have done extensive work in Haiti over the last two to three years. Both JPHRO and AFH are organizations that take the attiude of their founders, which is ‘just get it done.’ Our art auction ‘Artists For Haiti’ back in September (in collaboration with gallerist David Zwirner and generous donations of art from artists like Marllene Dumas, Chris Offili, Luc Tuymans, Neo Rauch, Jeff Koons and Ed Ruscha), raised about $13.7 million and a lot of it went to fund APJ and JPHRO.

“From school buildings to cholera clinics to rubble removal, these organizations are commited to helping Haitians help themselves to a better future. And one thing that people should know is that Haggis and Penn are not dilletantes. They are there and on the ground in a very real way, doing the work.”