Update: A hard drive with over 2,000 images from still photographer David James‘ work from the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was recently stolen and offered for sale to news outlets, but IESB’s Robert Sanchez reported last night that “the alleged thief was apprehended [yesterday afternoon] at the Standard — the still-happening Sunset Strip hotel that caters to an under-40 clientele — around 4:00pm PST.

“The thief was apprehended by LAPD and the FBI with the help of a member of the online press that had been offered the stolen property. An undercover sting operation was set in motion Monday night with the help of the unnamed member of the online press.”

A Paramount publicist told me yesterday that the actual number of stolen stills was closer to 2500.

The guy who first told me abouit this yesterday said that “the thieves are apparently trying to sell the stolen photos to various websites and other outlets.” He knew this, he said, “because a friend of mine sent me some of the sample photos the thieves were trying to sell him (which are pretty great…Cate Blanchett in full villain mode and Indy cracking the whip).”