Yesterday HE’s own Sasha Stone was the star of a Newsweek article titled “Johnny Depp, Amber Heard and the Dangers of Cancel Culture,” posted by Carly Mayberry:

The subject was the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial, but Stone offered “a broader perspective on cancel culture’s complexity and far-reaching effects.”

Mayberry: “‘We’re living through a big cultural backlash…you can feel it happening,’ Stone said.

“The political left, which in Stone’s view has long controlled so much of our culture, is sticking to a playbook that no longer works, she said.

“‘Where the pendulum couldn’t have swung more left [between 2017 and mid-to-late ’21], it’s now starting to swing right,’ Stone said. ‘Basically, people are starting to [stand] up to the power elite and tell them what they — the little people, the renters, the common texting serfs of our society — are interested in listening to and watching by their own calculations instead of being told what they have to listen to and watch.”

HE admission about previous paragraph: I have posted an HE-modified version of Stone’s original Mayberry quote. Stone’s original was differently worded but I’m saying it better, trust me. The meaning is exactly the same.

Back to Mayberry: “Stone, who doesn’t consider herself liberal or conservative, said that with people like Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and podcaster Joe Rogan, the tide has turned. Musk, who purchased Twitter last week for $44 billion, has criticized the platform’s lack of political neutrality and its censorship and said he plans to change that.

“Rogan, who has long been a target of cancel culture for allegedly spreading COVID-19 misinformation and using racial slurs during his popular podcast, said he has seen an increase of 2 million Spotify subscribers amid his controversial statements and averages 11 million per podcast, according to Poynter.

“‘What mattered with cancel culture was that people lost their livelihood,’ Stone said. [Note: Stone is partly referring to woke Robespierres and other scurrying rodents having made things financially difficult for Hollywood Elsewhere in terms of award-season ads.] ‘They [the establishment] need to be able to be confident enough that they don’t need to fire Johnny Depp or to drop Joe Rogan, and that’s happening.’

“Stone added, ‘I really do think, partly due to Musk, just being enough of a presence to cause people to rethink has changed things. Will people still try to cancel people? Yes, but the worst is over.'”

HE comment: It is my sincere hope and belief that the worst has only just begun as far as the film industry’s woke terrorists are concerned. HE won’t rest until cancel culture fanatics are on the run and hiding in shadowy places and insisting, in the manner of Jean-Louis Trintignant‘s protagonist during the finale of The Conformist, that while CRT and #MeToo and LGBTQ agendas represent a necessary and glorious cultural awakening, they were never for murdering people’s careers while accusing others of same.”