I finally popped for a multi-region Bluray player — a Sherwood BDP-5004. I just couldn’t cough up $500 for an Oppo. You’d never know it from the Amazon product description, but the Sherwood is a clone of the Momitsu BDP-899, and it plays all regions as long you tap out a six-digit code beforehand.

“For a multi-region Blu-Ray DVD player, there are several Momitsu clones that are sold in different countries under the different brand names. The one sold in USA is the Sherwood BDP-5004. While none of the Blu-Ray DVD players at this moment offer the ability to play different zone Blu-Ray DVD players just by putting another DVD in, this is the only one quality affordable Blu-Ray DVD player that allows you to play any Region regular DVD, and as well to play any Zone Blu-Ray DVD by putting a six digit remote control sequence before playing it.

“To change the code on Sherwood BDP-5004, make sure there is no disc loaded and enter 9735XY on your remote, replacing X with the Region code you want for DVDs (0-6) and Y with the Zone code you want for Blu-Ray Discs (1-3 -note that 1 stands for Zone A, 2 stands for Zone B, 3 stands for Zone C). There is no single Region-Free setting for Blu-ray discs, but you can change your player’s region coding at any time within seconds.

“For example, here are probably the only two codes you will ever need: 973501 , which sets the unit to Region Free mode for DVDs and Zone A mode for Blu-rays. This should be the factory default setting. And 973502, which sets the unit to Region Free mode for DVDs and Zone B mode for Blu-rays.”

“These are probably the only two codes you will ever need to use, but here are a few more settings just for your reference: 973532 -DVD Region 3, BIu-Ray Zone B; 973522 -DVD Region 2, BIu-Ray Zone B; 973541 -DVD Region 4, BIu-Ray Zone A, etc.”

I know the codes aren’t going to work exactly like they should. I know they’re going to play little infuriating mind-fuck and Zen-patience games with me. I just know it. The important thing will be to keep calm and stay calm when I call the Sherwood tech support guy, and just try to learn.