I don’t know about you but I literally fainted an hour ago when I read that Woody Allen has gone digital for his latest film. I fell over backwards in my chair and hit my head on a bookshelf and passed out for 45 minutes. I only just woke up ten minutes ago. All because it was confirmed today that Allen and dp Vittorio Storaro are using Sony’s CineAlta F65 camera to capture Allen’s latest, a 1930s-era dramedy that began shooting Los Angeles in mid August. The film will be mastered in 4K. Storaro quote: “I had seen that the Sony F65 was capable of recording beautiful images in 4K and 16 bit-color depth in 2:1, which is my favorite [aspect ratio]. So when Woody called me this year asking me to be the cinematographer of his new film, my decision was already made. I convinced him to record the film in digital, so we can begin our journey together in the digital world.”