Piers Morgan: “It did cross my mind, how many of these Senators, who, in my view, probably do think there should be an assault weapons ban, probably do think there should be universal background checks, but they have decided to go against their principle to protect their political seats. How many would change if one of their kids had been in that Sandy Hook school and gone through [Rob] Portman-like experience? In other words, it was right home to them and their families.”

Michael Moore: “Well, I think we all know the answer to that question. if a man with an assault weapon goes into the school where Harry Reid‘s grandchildren go to school tomorrow and kills his grandchildren, would he stand in front of that microphone at 5:00 and say, ‘I know how Dianne had to witness the mayor getting murdered and my grandchildren just got killed today but, you know, we can’t get it passed because we don’t have the votes.’ Would he do that really? I don’t think so.”