Joaquin Pheonix presenting the award to Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy….and the award goes to Meryl Streep. Surprised? Not me. “Oh, my God…thank you everybody. I’m really thrilled. I think I’ve worked with everybody in the room. (Somebody groans or murmurs something.) Oh, shut up….it’s not that long. Congratulations to nominees in all categories for Best Actress….this has been such a fun year to watch movies because of you gals. I just want to thank David Frankel and Aline Brosh McKenna for a really sharp script, and thanks to Elizabeth Gabler [and the other producers] and Tommy Rothman who signs the checks…and oh, gosh, the delicious Emily Blunt, the darling Annie Hathaway, the dreadful Stanley Tucci.” (Goofing, of course.) Said something about how “it’s amazing how much you can make happen if you politely stand your ground and demand it.” More stuff, too convoluted to get right under pressure.
Best Supporting Actor in a motion picture is next…commercial break time.