Strolling across Place Clichy on Sunday evening — 5.28.06, 9:55 pm.

And (a) Le Divette du Moulin on rue Lepic — Sunday, 5.28.06, 5:50 pm; (b) Doudingue, a cool little restaurant on the corner to the left, sitting in a centrally located portion of Montmartre’s rue Durantin — Sunday, 5.28.06, 6:30 pm; (c) Near entrance to the metro at Place Clichy — Sunday, 5.28.06, 9:45 pm; (d) Four of five blocks north of Gare du Lyon — Monday, 5.29.06, 9:25 am; (e) arched stone entranceway to a courtyard like a million others in Paris…except that this one seemed different; (f) rue d’Abesses — Sunday, 5.28, 6:15 pm.