In a 5.29 N.Y. Times essay titled “What America Needs Is A Liberalism That Builds,” Ezra Klein noted that the Empire State Building was constructed in just over a year.

Wikipage: “It began construction on 3.17.30; and was structurally completed on 4.11.31, twelve days ahead of schedule. It cost $40,948,900 to build (equivalent to $571,725,100 in 2020), including demolition of the old Waldorf–Astoria. This was lower than the $60 million budgeted for construction.”

The Empire State Building officially opened on 5.1.31, 45 days ahead of its projected opening date.

Less than two years later, King Kong had ascended to the top of the building and then fallen to his death. [The RKO film opened on 3.2.33.]

Klein: “We are richer than we were then, and our technology far outpaces what was available in 1930. And yet does anyone seriously believe such a project would take a year today?”