There are two stand-out pull quotes from Kate Aurthur‘s Buzzfeed piece (“No One Really Wants A Nikki Finke Comeback,” 5.30) about the apparent return of Nikki Finke. Her new website will allegedly launch on Monday, 6.2. The quotes are from Finke’s competitors so naturally they’re less than admiring. Quote #1: “She’s powerless at this point. She doesn’t have the work ethic or clout to be able to do what she did years earlier. Quote #2: ““There is an ecosystem in this world that she disrupts and tries to disrupt. In her heyday, she was able to move the news cycle. Toward the end, she was lazy and only doing box office — she was gone before she was gone.” Finke is apparently intending to ignore or declare invalid the part of her contract with Penske Media Corporation, which bought Finke’s Deadline Hollywood in 2009, that forbids her from competing with Deadline before 2016. I’d be lying if I said I’m not interested and intending to read whatever Finke posts, but what are some of the reactions among HE readers?