Defamer‘s Summer Bad-Buzz Watch article, which went up late yesterday morning, focuses, of course, on the Big Three — Get Smart, The Love Guru and The Happening. Whatever, blah-blah, standard sniper-fire stuff.

What’s funny or mildly amusing about this New York subway poster defacing lying just to the north of this graph? Nothing. It’s asinine. But what it tells you, I believe, is that the elite malcontents out there have picked up on the Happening vibe and are quietly massing against Shyamalan. The fact that 20th Century Fox hasn’t scheduled any press screenings (not just here but in hinterland burghs) tells you something.
I don’t trust what I’ve heard about Get Smart — too blunt, too simplistic — so I’m keeping mum.
I’ve heard that The Love Guru is pretty bad, yes, but doesn’t the concept, Mike Myers‘ makeup/appearance and the ad art make this point more clearly than any loose-talk item?