HE comment-thread post about Simon Rex, from “Their Names In Lights”: “Never have I felt or flashed so much in the way of fan vibes and positive alpha for an actor I’ve only come to know within the last six months.

“Partly because of an award-level performance as one of the skankiest and most deplorable characters I’ve ever contemplated from a Telluride theatre seat, and partly because of something else.

“Because Rex has delivered two extra-relishy performances — as porn star Mikey Sabre and, in a sense, as himself.

“Not that he’s faking anything (I don’t sense this at all) but his award-season ‘act’ — his flair for blending honesty and humility with a form of salesmanship that’s almost on the level of early to mid ’70s Burt Reynolds on the Tonight Show — has been fairly brilliant.”