In a Monday, 9.16 article about potential Best Actress contenders, Rope of Silicon‘s Brad Brevet has completely ignored Adele Excarchopoulos‘ world-class, aching-heart performance in Blue Is The Warmest Color. He doesn’t even mention it as a possible contender — in effect saying her performance doesn’t even rate as an outlier. Instead he kowtows to the name-branders — Blue Jasmine‘s Cate Blanchett, Philomena‘s Judi Dench, Saving Mr. BanksEmma Thompson, August: Osage County‘s Meryl Streep and Gravity‘s Sandra Bullock. It’s only September, for God’s sake, and guys like Brevet are pissing on one of the greatest female performances of this century. Why? Because they don’t believe that IFC Films will step up to the plate with a full-on campaign for Exarchopoulos (i.e., ad buys, parties, special events) because without this kind of push the Academy bluehairs won’t pay attention. The corruption here is blinding. Shame on Brevet and everyone else who is dismissing Exarchopoulos for these, the most banal and least admirable of reasons. Eff the parochial taste buds and lazy-ass viewing tendencies that Brad and his ilk are anticipating.