Variety‘s Gabriel Snyder reports that three super tentpolers will be released within a four-week span next May — Sony’s Spider-Man 3(5.4.07) , Dreamamount’s Shrek the Third (5.18.07) and Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World’s End (5.25).
Obviously, if any of these films are going to take a hit (i.e., be hurt) it’ll be Shrek the Third, but then it’s a family film and isn’ really going mano e mano against the other two. Somewhat but not really.
After this comes a ten-week stretch in which a big-studio tentpole will launch every weekend from June to August: Warners’ Ocean’s Thirteen (6.8), Fox’s Fantastic Four 2 (6.15), U’s sequel Evan Almighty (6.22), Pixar /Disney’s Ratatouille (6.29), Dreamamount’s Transformers (7.4), WB’s Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (7.13), a Universal Adam Sandler comedy We Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry(7.20), Fox’s long-awaited The Simpsons Movie (7.27), Universal’s The Bourne Ultimatum (8.3) and New Line’s Rush Hour 3 (8.10).
Of all these films, I am interested in seeing exactly two — The Bourne Ultimatum and Ocean’s Thirteen. I am vaguely interested in Spider-Man 3 in Evan Almighty. I spit on all the rest of them, especially thePirates 3 (the prospect of seeing Keith Richards in pirate garb grabs me not), Rush Hour 3, the Harry Potter, the Michael Bay, etc. More of the same old crap.